• Tatiana Putra

What up world?!

Hello! my name is Tatiana Putra and I just got a new computer so NATURALLY I have to start a blog... right? right! So here it is!

I guess I will start my first official post with a little about who I am in an attempt to sound fascinating and leave you wanting to come back for more!

So here we go...

I am the wife of that stud of a man pictured above and three years ago we sold all we had, save four suitcases of our things, and moved from Orlando Florida half way across the world to his hometown of Jakarta Indonesia, both fresh out of grad school. While Tezar began work, I spent our first year living in Indonesia trying not to throw up with every new smell the city of Jakarta conjured my way.... because-oh did I mention that three weeks before moving to Jakarta I found out I was pregnant? (Surprise!) but that is a story for another post...

(dramatic cliffhanger in order for you to subscribe down below or at least come back for more!)

While I try to spend most of my days being as glamorous as the above picture you are more than likely to find me like the photo below, with my two kids in tote... and probably our nanny hanging around. When my husband is at work this is my squad (because this is how we roll in JCity, as I like to call Jakarta, and if you want to know more about my life here complete with live in nanny then...ahem....subscribe)

Please direct your eyes to the top right corner of my dazzling smile- is that spinach I see? whatever.

So we have lived in Jakarta for the past three years and in between having two babies here I have learned a lot about living cross culturally and a lot FROM living cross culturally.

I have my undergrad in English Literature and my Masters in Counseling and I think this says a lot about me because I love writing, studying words, and literature but I also love studying and getting to know people. I hope that this blog will combine aspects of both of those things.

This is a bit of a passion project for me to write about Jakarta and our lives here in Indonesia and I hope that through my words you get to know my little corner of the world a bit better and, who knows, maybe step away having found a bit of laughter here- because honestly, sometimes that is the only way to survive living in a strange, chaotic, different, place and sometimes that strange, chaotic, different place becomes less and less those things and more and more like home. That is part of the story here.

You can expect a new post every Monday. Please come back for more, leave a comment to feed my ego ;) but mostly so that we can be better friends. Look forward to writing (as it's my absolute fave) and meeting you back here this Monday!

Thanks for dropping by!

With love,



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