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Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Hi friends welcome back to the blog!

So today I am taking a little break from the series of What Makes Jakarta, Jakarta (to me) and in the spirit of posting every Monday (like I promised) I wanted to post a little check-in and thank you.

I've gotten some really great feedback from the blog. People telling me they are enjoying reading about Jakarta and have laughed about some of the things I've written in the posts. This makes me so happy seeing that humor is a great coping mechanism of mine and I have never been one to not want to entertain! I have even had some Indonesians tell me that they enjoyed reading an expats point of view about things such as masuk angin.

So that's exciting and I appreciate the feedback so much! The fact that you guys would spend some time reading my thoughts as I attempt to process some of the last three years I've lived in Jakarta while honing my writing skills is an honor. So I hope to make it worth your while every time you visit me here.

With that said, I wanted to ask you a question: Since we are almost at halfway through our series I'd love to know if there is anything else you'd like me to write about or share on the blog about once we are finished with the series?

I also would love any feedback you can give about my writing style or basically anything related to the blog posts- just so you know! So don't hesitate to give me advice, feedback or suggestions!

All in all writing this past few weeks has been such a great joy. If you missed a post I'd love for you to give it a looksie and stay tuned for next week when I talk about cultural diversity here in Jakarta.

Also if you haven't subscribed- please do and every update will show up in your inbox every Monday!

And if you'd like more day to day life stuff, feel free to follow me on instagram at tatortat08 (lets be honest its a lot of my kids..but they're cute! And don't judge the name. I'm old and I just used my old aol instant message name when I started insta... back in the day when it wasn't as popular yet)

So yea. Catch up on the previous posts if you missed one

The intro to What Makes Jakarta, Jakarta (to me) and what I plan to write about to finish out the series

The two posts where I talk about weather (and the one which talks about masuk angin)

The post where I whine about traffic (but also get scientific!)

And where I describe about how it was a little weird for me to get used to the idea of household staff

That is all for now friends!



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