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Can you see me?

Hi friends! Welcome back to the blog!

First of all thanks for all your feedback from last week! Loved hearing from you and for all the thoughts and ideas you offered!

Second I wanted to say that I am interrupting the previously started series to bring you a short quote about Indonesia which I recently read, that has just ROCKED my world!

It's from the book Indonesia, Etc. written by Elizabeth Pisani and it reads:

"Today's Indonesia is home to one in every thirty of the people on this planet- 240 million at the last count. That makes the country the fourth most populous in the world...around 64 million Indonesians use Facebook- that's more than the entire population of the UK. But 80 million live without electricity (all of Germany) and 110 million live on less than two dollars a day (all of Mexico). Hundreds of thousands live without electricity on less than two dollars a day and are on Facebook.
The list of 'words biggest', 'tens of millions' and 'fastest growing' statistics from Indonesia is long. And yet as Indonesian entrepreneur John Raidy said recently: 'Indonesia is probably the most invisible country in the world.'"

After reading this quote I couldn't help but feel a resounding YES!

Yes this is true! and Yes, I think that is why I created this blog!

I'm sure everyone feels this way after experiencing a different country, maybe even after living somewhere for a while. The feeling of "Why don't more people know about this?!" But what is astounding to me about Indonesia is the apparent discrepancy between how much it is on the top of a lot of the world's lists and how little is known about this country.

As an expat, seeing how little friends and family know about Indonesia can sometimes make you feel invisible because where you live begins to make up such a big part of who you are... So I really resonated with this quote in more than one way. I also don't blame my friends for not knowing much about Indonesia- Heck, I was the same way before moving here! But I guess the more I learned about this country while living here the more I kind of wanted to give it some well-deserved props- because no one likes to be invisible... especially when they have some pretty bad ass qualities!

So this is my way of giving this huge. little country I call home a bit more visibility because I feel like it deserves it. And maybe I also need a place to download a lot of what I've learned these past three years (and am still learning) because honestly living here has changed my life in more than one way and in so many ways I am grateful for. So there you have it. There's a saying from my hometown in Memphis, TN that I really love. It reads:

I have found this quote to be true about my time living in Memphis but also I keep coming back to it when thinking about my past three years living here in Jakarta, as well.

I also want to let you know that I have written the next post for the series What Makes Jakarta, Jakarta (to me) on Cultural Diversity but it's not ready to publish just yet. I'm waiting to get feedback from some trusted advisors before I post it because I want to do the topic justice and fact check among some locals. It's a topic that talks about two "mosts" in Indonesia so this post is near and dear to this topic of visibility. I also talk a little about religion so I want to come across sensitively but also honestly- so I'm just gonna give it another week of editing and airing out.

But until then I hope you enjoyed some thoughts relating to Indonesia and the purpose of this blog. I also hope that this post has whetted your appetite a little more for a country that has (hopefully) earned some respect in your heart as well!

Much love!



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