Making the most of our time here, while navigating through the adventure of culture shock and cultural differences


Better Late Than Never 2019 Book Recap

Hey friends! While everyone usually spends the last week of December posting their 2019 book recaps on social media, that was a pretty...


About Me:

Hi! My name is Tatiana and thank you for visiting my blog! 

I'm a Puerto Rican American, raised in the South, specifically Memphis, Tennessee (where we affectionally refer to ourselves as Memphians-if ya'll don't know- its a thing!)

Nine years ago I married a Jakartan and now we have two little half-Puerto Rican American half-Indonesian kids running around (IndoRicans- let's make that a thing!) I have lived in Jakarta for the past three years and, due to the nature of my husbands work, we plan to be here INDEFINTLY so I've definitely intended to make this place my home from day one. 

I have my undergrad in English Literature and my Masters in Counseling which means I love writing, studying words, and literature. But I also love studying and getting to know people.I hope that this blog will combine aspects of both of those things.

This is a bit of a passion project for me to write about Jakarta and our lives here in Indonesia and I hope that through my words you get to know my little corner of the world a bit better and, who knows, maybe step away having found a bit of laughter here- because honestly, sometimes that is the only way to survive living in a strange, chaotic, different, place and sometimes that strange, chaotic, different place becomes less and less those things and more and more like home. That is part of the story here.